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aCelery is a complete environment for creating mobile apps written in Javascript. The aCelery app includes all the tools necessary for developing your app: a Project manager, an IDE with syntax highlighting editor, a Database Manager and the xScript framework that encapsulates Bootstrap user interface elements in easy to use Javascript objects, as well as an interface to the underlying Android system.

aCelery Server

aCelery is a full web server running on your mobile device and listening on port 8123 (no rooting on your device is necessary). This allows you to run aCelery and your aCelery apps from a browser in any other machine in your network. Select the "Get my IP" option from aCelery's Android menu to find your current IP address, and point your browser as indicated.

Getting Started

It's very easy to get started with aCelery. Go to the aCelery IDE and create a new project. Give it a name an a short description. Your project will consist of javascript and css files (as many as needed). You can create and edit your project files with aCelery's syntax highlighted editor.

The aCelery app launcher will first load all the files in your project, and when finished will call function main(). You must include a function main() in one of your project's javascript files, this will be the entry point to your app. Here you would usually do things like initialize databases and create your app's main menu. aCelery will automatically include the xScript framework, jquery, and bootstrap, so they are always available to you.

When running your app from aCelery's IDE there will be an option on the Android menu to show you the error log. This will help you catch and debug any errors. If you run your app on a remote computer you can use tools like Firefox's Web Console or Firebug for debugging.

Check the included Example app which shows how many of the features of aCelery and xScript are used.

Data Base Manager

Use aCelery's Database Manager to create, delete, query and edit SQLite databases. Your can even execute arbitrary SQL statements.

aCelery Configuration

Select aCelery's and the editor's themes of your preference.